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Together we play better

Since 2016, our Argia futbito team has been playing with the same equipment, without enough clothes for new additions.

Ale-Hop, demystifying mental illness

We want schools, students, leisure groups and others to understand mental illness from the perspective of those who live with it.

Shared Christmas

A unique initiative in the Getxo community. This is the "Shared Christmas Meal", an event aimed at those with weak family coverage or in a situation of loneliness during the holidays.

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At Argia Fundazioa, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life and social integration of people with severe mental illness in Getxo and throughout Bizkaia. Our social and health services, rooted in the community, reflect our commitment to building a united and sustainable society.

We strive to strengthen communities by sharing our expertise and promoting responsible environmental practices in every area where we operate.


Donations is an innovative platform driven by Argia Fundazioa, designed to channel resources to local projects that have a positive impact on our community.

Through Donacciones, we invite the community to be an active part of the change we wish to see in our environment. You can contribute monetary donations knowing that you are making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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By donating through Donacciones, you get tax deductions on your tax return. In addition, we encourage you to consider reinvesting your tax deductions, thus creating an ongoing cycle of generosity.

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